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System, concept, methodology and equipment for the preparation and management of Strategic Noise Cards (according to the Law of the Republic of Bulgaria and in accordance with the European Noise Directive - No. 2002/49 / EC)


Elaborating noise maps Bruel & Kjaer

Continuous Vibration Monitoring – Vibration Monitoring Terminal





Stationary monitoring systems for ambient noise (airport noise, traffic noise, urban noise, etc.). Manually shoot noise values ​​with ambient noise meters.




Noise monitoring terminal

Bruel & Kjaer

Sound level meter for hand measurements of environmental noise

Bruel & Kjaer

  application of SPECTRA LTD for measuring, monitoring and real-time display of environmental parameters (noise, vibration, air quality, dust, meteorological data, others)









Conceptional scheme of

Window of


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Portable Noise Monitoring Systems (Traffic, Construction Area, Outdoor Restaurants, etc.)



           SoundEar 3 – 320 X SoundEar Series: Classic, 2, 3 XL 


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